“Can We Talk about the Bible and…” Summer Sermon Series

In response to a January newsletter article, many of you responded to your pastors’ request for sermon topics for this summer. The title of the series will be “Can We Talk About the Bible and….”

The Bible is a complex compilation of 66 books that tell the story of God and God’s people over a period of two thousand years. Our Bible comprises many differing types of literature written by a diverse group of men and women. Each author and each book attempts to portray God and God’s relationship with humanity. Our difficulty arises when we bring current issues and concerns alongside the Bible and discover that the various voices and books seem to be in conflict with one another. One particularly important issue therefore is how to interpret the Bible. The Confession of ’67, which is one of our Presbyterian confessions, offers a helpful word.

The Bible is to be interpreted in the light of its witness to God’s work of reconciliation in Christ. The Scriptures, given under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are nevertheless words of human beings, conditioned by the language, thought forms, and literary fashions of the places and times at which they were written. They reflect views of life, history, and the cosmos which were then current. The church, therefore, has an obligation to approach the Scriptures with literary and historical understanding. As God has spoken the divine word in diverse cultural situations, the church is confident that God will continue to speak through the Scriptures in a changing world and in every form of human culture.

This summer your pastors will heed this word from our confessions and attempt to follow its guidance in addressing the topics you have suggested. Many of you responded to the requests for topics to address. It is utterly impossible to cover even a majority of the requests. Your staff team has identified the following as important issues for this time in which we live.

♦ June 11 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Relationships – Lindsay Conrad
♦ June 18 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Other Religions – Ron Shive
♦ June 25 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Evolution – Ron Shive
♦ July 2 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Race – Lindsay Conrad
♦ July 9 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Marriage – Ron Shive
♦ July 16 – Can We Talk About the Bible and the Poor – Ron Shive
♦ July 23 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Leadership – Ron Shive
♦ July 30 – Can We Talk About the Bible and the Devil, Satan, Evil– Ron Shive
♦ August 6 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Miracles – Taylor Barner
♦ August 13 – Can We Talk About the Bible and the Political Divide – Lindsay Conrad
♦ August 20 – Can We Talk About the Bible and Money – Taylor Barner
♦ August 27 – Can We Talk About the Bible and ….. – Ron Shive

As you can see, the topic for August 27th is yet to be determined. Your help is needed in this regard. After seeing the list, what would suggest for our concluding topic? Please email your thoughts: rshive@fpcburlington.org.

We realize every one of you will not agree with all that has been preached. Some of you will have additional questions. Therefore, each week immediately following the service you are invited to a 30 minute conversation with that week’s preacher.

Grab a glass of lemonade and come down to the Witherspoon Room for an opportunity to ask questions or share your thoughts. All voices will be respected.