Confirmation Sunday

Confirmation Sunday is coming up! Since January our confirmands have been exploring their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ, not just to profess what they believe, but to continue along their lifelong faith journey. Confirmation is a big step but it is one that is not taken alone. This year we had a wonderful class of 8 students and their elder partners, who appeared before the Session in April and will be received May 13th during the 11:00 service.

We hope you will join us in welcoming these young new members into our community of faith and ask that you keep them in prayer as they make this commitment and continue to walk the path set before them.

Confirmands: Ward Baker, Ally Gilliam, Connor Gould, Samantha Hall, Claire Saurage, John Stanfill, Aiden Walsh, Kaylee Whitaker.

Elder Partners (in order of confirmands): John Erwin, Kendra Chilton, Avery Wagoner, Lyn Moser, Barbara Roberts, Willy Fisher, Jeff Parsons, Eddie Gant.