Choosing Gratitude as a Way of Life — All Adult Education

Sundays, October 7, 14, 21, 9:45 a.m. in Witherspoon, led by the Pastors

It has been said that “to choose gratitude is a wonderful way to life!” In reality it is the only way to life — to the abundant life Christ dreams for us. Each of us has been blessed or graced in so many ways — the people we love, our families, health, community of faith, country, heritage, gifts and skills. These are gifts that are given to us — not something we earned. At the end of the day, blessings can only be given or received — and thus the only appropriate response is gratitude. Karl Barth says, “Grace and gratitude belong together like heaven and earth…Gratitude follows grace like thunder lightening.” The saddest of all lives though is the one in which gratitude has been stolen from our soul. The thieves of gratitude abound, but during the month of October we will examine four of the most common — worry, entitlement, greed, and disappointment. You are invited to study and worship and to examine your soul to see if one of these thieves has stolen from you.

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