FPC Service Ministry Day

FPC Service Ministry Day, Saturday, March 9

FPC’s Local Missions Committee is sponsoring an FPC Service Ministry Day on Saturday, March 9 at FPC. Activities will begin at 8:00 a.m. with a light breakfast. Service opportunities will begin at 9:00 a.m. and continue until early afternoon.

Congregation members and friends of the church are invited to participate in this mission activity. Come and enjoy the fellowship and experience the church’s outreach to our community.

Sign-up sheets are in the church office or you register online below.

Please sign up by Sunday, March 3.

For more information, contact James Johnson at Microprof0@gmail.com


For all activities wear work clothes appropriate for the expected weather of the day. Gloves will be especially helpful for most sites.

The following lists are specific for the sites where volunteers will be serving:

Andrews Elementary: Front Grounds Cleanup/Improvement and Spring Planting: Rakes, shovels, pruning tools/saws, several wheel barrows, weed eaters, garden planting tools, yard waste bags. For more information, Patty Philipps is the contact member of the Local Missions Committee.

Meals on Wheels: Power Wash Building’s Siding, Clip Hedges and Clean the Hedge Beds, Treat Brick (which is turning white in some areas), Remove Oil Spots on Building Drive: Power washer (maybe more than one), cleaning solutions for siding and brick work, brushes, buckets, heavy duty gloves, rakes, pruning tools, weed eaters, yard waste bags. For more information, Catherine Matthews is the contact member of the Local Missions Committee.

Crossroads: Drapery installation: Electric drill/bits, hammers, screw drivers, step ladders. For more information, Patti Bates is the contact member of the Local Missions Committee.

Furniture Ministry: Delivery Team Volunteers, Pickup Team Volunteers, FPC Warehouse Cleanup/Organization: Delivery and Pickup team volunteers with pickup trucks/trailers are encouraged to provide them, shop vacuum (with extension cord), trash bags, sweep brooms. For more information, Jim Johnson and Cathy Dusenberry are the contact members of the Local Missions Committee.

FPC Service Ministry Day