Join Dr. Ron Shive in a Weekly Bible Study this Winter

“Peculiar Treasures of the New Testament”

January–May 2019 in the Witherspoon Room

Three Weekly Options:

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study: 6:45–7:45 a.m. beginning January 8

Wednesday Morning Bible Study: 10:00–11:30 a.m. beginning January 9

Thursday Women’s Bible Study: 6:45–7:45 a.m. beginning January 10

God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai and said to him, “…if you obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession out of all the peoples.” A treasured possession — at least that is the way, the New Revised Standard translates it. As the people of God, we are God’s treasured possession. There is something very reassuring about that. But, it is interesting to see how the King James translates this phrase. It states, “Ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people…” A peculiar treasure — now that is a different thought.  Peculiar — odd, strange, and eccentric. And as we read the Bible, we discover that the people of God are a bunch of peculiar people — odd, strange, and eccentric. And yet, there is much we can benefit from getting to know them better. Frederick Buechner writes, “What struck me more than anything else as I reacquainted myself with this remarkable rag-bag of people from the Bible was both their extraordinary aliveness and their power to make me feel somehow more alive myself for having known them…They still have the power to bring tears to the eyes and send shivers up the spine.”

This winter and spring we will examine 17 of God’s peculiar treasures from the New Testament. Most of them are odd, strange, or eccentric, and yet they still have the power to make us feel more alive for having known them.  Hopefully this study will at times bring a tear to your eyes and at other times send a shiver up your spine, but you will walk away with an insight of living as Christ’s more faithful disciple. The following peculiar treasures will be studied.

Herod the Great — Matthew 2:1-23

Simeon — Luke 2:22-35

John the Baptist — Luke 3:1-22, 7:18-35, Matthew 3:1-17, 9:14-17, John 1:1-34

John Mark — Mark, Acts 12, 13, and 15:36-41

Mary Magdalene — John 20:1-18

Lazarus — John 11:1-44

Herod Antipas — Luke 13:31-35, 23:1-12, Matthew 14:1-12

Judas — John 12:1-8, 13, 21-30, 18:1-12, Matthew 27:3-10

Nicodemus — John 3:1-21, 19:38-42

Judas — John 12:1-8, 13:21-30, 18:1-12, Matthew 13:3-10

Thomas — John 14:1-7, 20:19-29

Ananias and Sapphira — Acts 5:1-11

Stephen — Acts 6-7, 22:20

Simon Magnus — Acts 8:5-24

Ethiopian Eunuch — Acts 8:26-39

Barnabas — Acts 14

Agrippa — Acts 26:1-28

Onesimus — Philemon